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Welcome to the Old Coulsdon Residents' Association website

The Christmas Dinner & Dance is an annual event organised by the combined Residents' Associations and menu details and a booking form are available here to print and complete. Please put the date in your diary and contact Janet Stollery (chairocra@outlook.com) to book a table. The deadline for bookings is Wednesday 26 October.

Grange Park

Please take our survey!

We hope you are as delighted with the new playground as we are! We would be grateful if you could spend just a few minutes taking our survey about the new playground and your priorities for future improvements to Grange Park.

We will use the results of the survey to set our future fundraising goals. Also, our funders will use the results to measure how successful we have been- so please be kind.

Here is the link to our survey:

If you would like to get involved in any of our future fundraising events, please e-mail us: friendsofgrangepark@gmail.com
Many thanks for your time.
Friends of Grange Park

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Petrol Prices

Cheapest Unleaded at 5 stations within 5 miles.



Marlowe Way,Wallington,Croydon, CR0 4XS

Asda 4.92 miles away, recorded 18.10.16



Purley Road, Purley, CR8 2HA

Tesco Extra 2.06 miles away, recorded 22.10.16



Purley Way, Waddon, Croydon, CR0 3JW

Sainsburys 4.76 miles away, recorded 23.10.16



Purley Way, Waddon, Croydon, CR0 4RE

Esso 4.01 miles away, recorded 23.10.16



Purley Way, Waddon, Croydon, CR0 4NX

Esso 4.4 miles away, recorded 23.10.16

Source: www.petrolprices.com

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Travel News


Click here for information from Southern Railway.

For the latest Travel information and access to many useful sources of help and information, click here.

You can check services on:




For London Bus timetables and other bus information:


For more Coulsdon Travel News from the East Surrey Transport Committee, click here.

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Police Advice

Safer Neighbourhoods Team

The SNT send email alerts and a monthly Newsletter to residents registered to receive them. You can receive this information direct by sending an email to CoulsdonEast.snt@met.police.uk with (optionally) your name and address and your email details will be added to their distribution list.

Click here for the Coulsdon East Update for September.

Bogus traders

- Don’t be forced into making a quick decision on the doorstep.

- Get at least three quotes from local reputable companies who have reputations to maintain, and if possible seek recommendations.

- Only deal with firms with genuine verifiable telephone numbers and addresses. Beware of companies that only use mobile phone numbers and accommodation addresses.

- Anyone who signs a contract on the door step following a visit that was not arranged (unsolicited) does have 7 days in which to cancel it by law. All cancellation rights must be provided in writing to the
customer at the time the contract is agreed, (usually on the doorstep). It is an offence not to do so.

- If you don’t want to speak to the trader don’t open your door to them. It can be hard to distinguish the good traders from the cowboys; it might be easier to keep the door closed. Do not allow uninvited callers into your home.

- Refuse to be taken to the bank to withdraw money. If you ever feel intimidated by them, close the door and call the Police.

- Never accept verbal quotes.


For more advice, click here.

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Waste Collection

The collection dates for the next month are:

W/c Mon. 3rd October Please check your Collection Day.

Green week (glass) box, food waste container, Green Waste if you have a Brown bin

W/c Mon. 10th October Please check your Collection Day.

Blue week (paper) box, food waste container and landfill bin

W/c Mon. 17th October Please check your Collection Day.

Green week (glass) box, food waste container, Green Waste if you have a Brown bin

W/c Mon. 24th October Please check your Collection Day.

Blue week (paper) box, food waste container and landfill bin

W/c Mon. 31st October Please check your Collection Day.

Green week (glass) box, food waste container, Green Waste if you have a Brown bin


Collection Day - the Collection Day is now different depending on your street and you need to check the Council website and enter your details to find your day. Click here to check your Collection Day and print your own leaflet (sample here).

Clothes And Shoes Recycling - There is a box on Tudor Parade (in Placehouse Lane). Any old clothes and pairs of shoes that you are throwing out just need to be put in a bag on top of your recycling box each week.

Neighbourhood Recycling Centre And Household Re-Use And Recycling - our nearest centre is at Purley Oaks open Monday to Sunday: 8.00 am to 3.30 pm.

Green Waste - The last collection for 2016 for Old Coulsdon is w/c 31st October. They will begin again in w/c 17th April 2017 if you pay again in December 2016 – see Council website here .


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City Commons

All seven of our commons have won national awards that recognise the quality of our green space management. We received the Green Flag award for all sites and will proudly fly the flags! We couldn’t achieve this gold standard without the support of our volunteers.

City Commons

Click on the links for the City Commons website for:
Coulsdon Common
Farthing Downs

They issue a monthly newsletter which you can read here with details of all the activities on the Commons.


London Green Belt

OCRA attend meetings of the London Green Belt Council. They have produced this interactive map showing threats to the Green Belt including some in our area. If you click on the map, you will be shown a version that you can explore to see where the threats are.

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OCRA Weather

This weather forecast for the OCRA area is generated by the Met Office.


OCRAtrade is a list of local tradespeople who have been recommended on the OCRA Facebook page in response to “Does anyone know someone who can...?” questions. It's the nearest to a personal recommendation that we can provide. Click here to view.

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OCRA Monthly E-mails

The October e-mail has been sent to subscribers and members of our OCRA Facebook Group. You can read this and back issues by clicking here. To subscribe to receive them direct send a message to:


You have our promise that your e-mail details will not be passed on to anyone else. You will be able to unsubscribe if you find you don't want to receive them.

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OCRA on Facebook

Don't forget that you can follow OCRA on Facebook to keep up-to-date with the news and chat to other local people about issues that concern you. Over 1,200 people do this already. Just click here to join the group.

Help OCRA When Buying Online

If you are buying online, please help us raise money for OCRA funds. Sign up and use easyfundraising.org.uk to shop online with many different companies, including Amazon and Tesco Direct, and a contribution will be made to OCRA funds. They offer a Donation Reminder which tells you when you are on a site that donates. Click this link to go to their website.


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OCRA Noticeboard

Lacey Green Noticeboard Photo: Nigel Rea

The Noticeboard at Lacey Green is maintained by OCRA and we publish our notices there. Other posters can be displayed by request to this email address. The Noticeboard on Tudor Parade is maintained by Rotary Club of Coulsdon Manor.

As well as contact details for OCRA, we publish details of 'What's On in Old Coulsdon' there.


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OCRA Road Stewards

After eleven years of amazing hard work by Marion and Alan, they will be handing over their roles as Membership Secretaries at the end of this calendar year.

This job is both physically demanding and requires careful planning of diaries to make sure that the Membership Secretaries are available at critical times of the year to receive the newsletter from the printers and distribute it to the Road Stewards so they can deliver it within a reasonable time frame. It has become clear that some changes to the distribution pattern will need to be made, so we are considering sectorising the area and having four or five “Super Stewards” who will be responsible for distributing the newsletter to the Road Stewards rather than one/two people having to do all this.

So, going forward, we need to have volunteers to be the following

1. Membership Secretary – this could be a couple, or two friends working together

Their tasks would be:-

Have the newsletters (approx. 2,500) delivered to their dwelling three times a year and split them into manageable numbers to count and put them into whatever delivery pattern is decided. This person(s) will also handle the associated paperwork with managing the process and keep the records updated as returns come in from Road Stewards, after they have collected the subscriptions from their round, to ensure that in the following year the correct number of newsletters are delivered to each Steward. A sound grasp of Microsoft Office is essential for the record keeping and a printer for the paperwork. Associated costs would be reimbursed by OCRA. We could also have an Assistant Membership Secretary to help at critical times if, say, the newsletter gets held up and the Membership Secretary has to be away. Liaison with Sally Cook the Newsletter Editor is of course critical to this to make sure timing is right.

2. Super Stewards

Their tasks would be:-

Collect the newsletters for their sector from the Membership Secretary and deliver them to the Road Stewards in their area (probably around 16 per sector). If the Road Stewards were able to collect the newsletters from the Super Steward this would help, but we appreciate that some of our Road Stewards are not able to do this.

Our Road Stewards are the life blood of our Old Coulsdon community and we would be very grateful if you could consider helping us with this. If you want further information before committing yourself to either position, Marion and Alan would be happy to discuss this further. You can call them on on 07538 792812.

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Updated 24/10/16

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